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Are you interested in becoming a professional singer? Do you want to learn how toMusic Lessons play a musical instrument? Music is an important part of our life. We use music as a tool to express our deepest feeling and our creativity while others use music for therapeutic purposes. Learning about music is easier than you think. If you want to harness your skills as a musician, your best option is to sign up for music classes in San Jose, CA.


Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes is a musical company that offers a wide range of music classes for aspiring musicians and artists. I am a professional music instructor with an extensive background in the music industry. My specialty is music coaching. I use my experience and my knowledge as a professional singer and musician to help my students realize their hidden potential. My music classes consist of singing classes and musical instrument classes that include guitar lessons.


Every lesson is divided into different levels of proficiency. Experience is not required when you sign up in any of my classes. I offer group lessons and private tutorials. If you prefer individual musical instrument coaching, I am the music teacher to turn to. In my classes, you will learn how to read scores, transcribe solos, and develop your original musical style. I use time-tested techniques to help you achieve your goal of becoming an artist. My classes are for students aged 5 to 50 years old.

I am a professional music instructor whose goal is to teach my students music. Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes is licensed to provide you with impeccable music lessons at very affordable rates. I invest my time and dedication in helping my students realize their dreams. My music lessons are available to interested students in the following areas: South San Jose CA; Campbell CA; East San Jose CA; Willow Glen CA. To sign up for my classes in San Jose, CA, you can visit my office or call (408) 688-4127.