Learn from a Professional Musical Instrument Teacher

Musical instrument classesMarina Tha Soprano Music Classes is a music teaching company in San Jose, CA that specializes in teaching music theory. Over the years, I have offered affordable musical instruments lessons to aspiring musicians. From age 5 to 50, I can work with you to improve your knowledge in music.

 What sets me apart from other teachers is my dedication to turn you into the best musician. With quality tools and teaching methods, I will have you learn the guitar and piano in no time. My teaching method will help you appreciate important pieces from historic composers. Also, I assist you in improving your ability to assess musical scores.

 With these in mind, I will mold you to become a one-of-a-kind musician in the industry. It is my goal to give you enough information to instill confidence and creativity. This way, you have the necessary technique and knowledge to come up with your own style.

 Here are some of the musical instrument classes you can get from me:

Professional Piano

 What you can get in my piano classes is a professional curriculum. I can help you learn the basics of playing the piano with ease. I know most kids are intimidated to play the piano, but I can provide you a learning environment that makes the class fun and rewarding.

 My piano lessons are available to groups or individuals. We can set a private teaching class if you want a one-on-one learning environment. When you want to express yourself through acoustic tones, the piano is a great instrument to learn.

Guitar Lessons

 I also offer private and group lessons in this instrument. With this string instrument, you get to learn the musical theories needed to come up with your own piece. You not only learn the basic notes, you also acquire the formal training to transcribe solos.

 The guitar is an affordable instrument that offers a dynamic means of playing music. With various methods, you can learn the key techniques to improve your musical abilities.

If you need a musical instrument teacher in San Jose, CA, Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes is the professional for you. With a flexible schedule, it is never too late to learn. You can book a class at (408) 688-4127. Start your musical career with a professional teacher today.