The Most Effective Music Theory Classes

If you are a person lucky enough to be gifted with talent in singing and music in general, you wouldn’t want to waste such blessing down the drain. You have to hone your skill and make the most of it. It does not only include getting into vocal training courses, you also need to dig deeper by learning the foundations. You might be interested in enrolling in music theory classes to help you understand better how your talent can be improved.


Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes offers the most reliable music theory classesMusic Theory Classes in San Jose, CA. I am a professional music theory teacher who has been able to help many aspiring talents in finishing their musical pieces and learning more about the different singing styles and genres.


My music theory classes will help you better understand the logic behind your chords, learn about music intervals and compose your own songs, and even improve your listening skills. Whether you need to prepare for a presentation for your music class or you just want to improve your overall talent, it is imperative to get a full grasp of your music theories.


Enrolling for such classes comes at very affordable rates. Honing your singing skills should not cost you too much. At Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes, I also make sure all music theory lessons are explained in the most understandable manner that there is. At the end of the day, it’s not the volume of music theory books I have taught but the amount of learning my students were able to bring home.

As an effective music theory teacher, I will aim to turn you into the best version of yourself. So if you in San Jose, CA and you are looking for opportunities to learn about clefs, scales, notes and rests, steps and intervals, and how sounds work, enroll in Marina Tha Soprano Music Classes now! (408) 688-4127 is the best contact number to call. I will respond to your queries immediately and I look forward to helping you learn!